Reducing Traumatic Stress and Anxiety [Video]

Easing stress and seeking normalcy in traumatic times For most Americans, 2020 has already been a rough year — and it’s not even half over. A pandemic, natural disasters, economic decline, and, for many, the loss of a job have taken a toll on their mental health. “Stress is particularly acute when you’re experiencing a […]

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Join Us and Help Support Our War On Internet Crimes Against Our Children

It Is Time for You to Join Our War On Internet Crime Against Our Children Internet Crime Is Everyone’s Responsibility. You read further, you will understand why we need your support It takes an Army of Members, Money, Likes, Shares, and Comments to launch a credible fight on an A War That We Are Losing! […]

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weight loss

Weight Loss – When dieting doesn’t work [Video]

Weight Loss – When dieting doesn’t work At any given time, more than a third of Americans are on a specific diet, with weight loss as a leading reason. Most are going to be disappointed, because even when successful, lost weight is frequently regained within a few months. While most weight-loss diets can help you […]

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Caffeine – How Much Is Too Much? [Video]

Should We Cut Back On Caffeine? AUTHORS : P.Tulasi, M.Akshara, M.Manisha Reddy, M. Hiranmai, M. Anusha Reddy. Sarojini Naidu Vanita Pharmacy Maha Vidyalaya, Hyderabad Abstract We aimed to explore the different effects of the ingestion of caffeine. We mainly focused on the advantages and disadvantages of caffeine ingestion along with healthy dosage and alternatives for […]

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running shoes

Forget the Myths, What’s the Best Running Shoes For You? [Video]

What to Know to Find the Best Running Shoes: 6 Myths Uncovered It’s hard to think about running without also thinking about one piece of gear: running shoes. We usually put a lot of consideration into what goes on our feet when we are looking to buy new shoes. These days there is a wide […]

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Nutrition – Guidelines, Controversy [Video]

Nutrition – New “guidelines,” say continue red meat consumption habits, but recommendations contradict the evidence A controversial “dietary guidelines recommendation” published in Annals of Internal Medicine suggests that adults can continue to consume red meat and processed meat at current levels of intake. [1] This recommendation runs contradictory to the large body of evidence indicating higher consumption […]

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Healthy Lifestyle – Living Longer [Video]

Healthy lifestyle: 5 keys to a longer life Monique Tello, MD, MPH Contributor How is it that the United States spends the most money on healthcare, and yet still has one of the lowest life expectancies of all developed nations? (To be specific: $9,400 per capita, 79 years, and 31st.) Maybe those of us in […]

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Internal Link Building Case Study: How Much Can Google Rankings Improve with Only Internal Links Added?

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99Designs Review: First Hand Experience with 99Designs

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How to Make Money with Your Car: Creating Financial Freedom with Your Wheels

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Link Whisper is Growing, Maturing, and is On Sale This Week Only!

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